Cutting-Edge Technologies in the Gaming Industry

According to Arthur Clarke, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”. Most videogames of today would seem unbelievable for any Pong player from the 70s. In fact, electronic devices have evolved unbelievably in the past few decades. Stay with us and find out about the technologies that are spearheading the evolution of the gaming industry.

The Cream of the Crop

Video games don’t need to be photorealistic to be a success. Consider Grand Theft Auto, for instance. The cartoon-like graphics are a trademark of the game. Realism isn’t only about nice graphics, though. Dynamic gameplay, 3D scans, and gesture recognition can elevate the gaming experience to new heights.

Such advancements are also gaining space in online slots NetBet and various other casino games. There are more live games than ever before. In fact, about 50% of online casino players look for live rooms. The online gambling industry has seen massive strides in technological advancements. Players even have a few options in visiting a virtual establishment, and we are even looking at the choice of VR and AR casinos too.

Top 3 Tech Innovations in Games

It’s impossible to talk about all developments from archaic 70s games to the games of today. Let’s have a look at some impressive advancements that are revolutionising the industry.

Facial and Gestural Recognition


Have you ever tried to create a character that looks exactly like you? Thanks to 3D scanning, a console can create a pretty accurate rendition of your face and make it an avatar. The same goes for gestures.

The Intel RealSense 3D camera can monitor 78 points on a player’s face, plus 22 points on a player’s hand. The facial recognition system allows the computer to ‘read’ a player’s emotion and adjust the gameplay to it. Gestural recognition adapts your moves to the game instantly.

4K Graphics

Gaming graphics can be as good as the displays available. So, 4K TVs call for 4K games. The unparalleled richness of texture and colours of 4K graphics allow for even more realistic games. 4K displays were quite expensive a while ago, but prices are declining. With time, 4K graphics will be standard to any game.

VR, AR, and Wearable Devices


VR headsets aren’t that accessible yet. Like most new gadgets, it came out costing an arm and a leg. Although, it tends to become more affordable with time. VR headsets expand gameplay possibilities greatly. Indeed, it’s the most immersive technology when it comes to gaming.

Augmented Reality, different from VR headsets, uses the player’s surroundings as background. Remember all the Pokémon Go craze from 2016? People could collect the quirky creatures around the city using geolocation and in-built cameras.

Smartwatches and smart glasses weren’t originally thought of for gaming. However, companies that used those devices for health purposes realise their gaming potential. Wearable gadgets can become an extension of your body and the interface between you and the console.


The gaming industry is constantly pushing the boundaries of computer technology. Every new advancement will be incorporated into new games in the search for more realistic experiences.