Dark Matter: 5 Quick Things We Know About Apple TV+’s Adaptation Of Blake Crouch’s Novel

Among the new series in the works at Apple TV+ is the anticipated adaptation of Blake Crouch’s sci-fi novel, Dark Matter. What was once originally planned to be a movie is now destined to make its way to streaming in the form of a TV show, which will eventually be available to people with an Apple TV+ subscription. So, what do we know about the plans for the Dark Matter adaptation? Quite a few things. But before we get to that, if you haven’t read the book yet… 

If You’re Planning To Read The Book First

One of the great things about Blake Crouch’s Dark Matter is that it’s a sci-fi story and a bit of a mystery thriller as well. It starts with our main character, physicist/husband/father Jason Dessen, being abducted, drugged and dropped into surroundings that are both familiar and unfamiliar all at once. Since we spend much of the first half of the novel following Jason as he tries to figure out what’s going on, I’d personally recommend not knowing much more than that going into the book. Apple TV+’s description puts it nicely when they say it’s “a story about the road not taken.” Of course, there’s a major sci-fi element involved in that, but you may want to read the book to see how that factors in and along with Jason’s efforts to try to get back to his family.

While the section headings in the article below do not contain major spoilers about the plot, and I will not be getting into the ending of the novel in this article or the fate of the characters, the text in the sections below does include more specific references to plot elements that you may not want to know if you’re planning to read the book (opens in new tab). Proceed with caution. 

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