David Sparks publishes Field Guide for Keyboard Maestro

Over the years, David Sparks has published a wide collection of “Field Guides” for various apps and platforms, including OmniFocus, Siri Shortcuts, and much more. Today, Sparks is out with his latest Field Guide, this time covering Keyboard Maestro.

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Keyboard Maestro is a popular automation tool for the Mac that has a long list of different functionalities, all based around automating different tasks. It takes a simple approach based on triggers and actions, which means you don’t need any scripting or programming knowledge to use it.

The new Keyboard Maestro Field Guide from David Sparks is designed to help you master the app. It includes over 4 hours of content and 76 screencasts, and you’ll also get access to downloadable scripts that you can install and run yourself. The Field guide is completely self-paced, allowing you to follow along and learn at your own speed.

Here are a few examples of Keyboard Maestro automations suggested by Sparks:

  • Have your Mac log out of social media, turn down the volume, and open your productivity apps as soon as you log into your local coffee joint’s Wi-Fi.
  • Create custom app setups for different work modes such as email, writing, and planning, just to name a few. Then trigger them with a simple keyboard combination.
  • Set Twitter to automatically hide itself after a few minutes so you can get back to work.
  • Add automation to the startup and shutdown of your Mac. Want certain apps to open when you get started? Keyboard Maestro can do that.
  • Automate meeting notes.
  • Create Pages and Word document templates that ask you a few questions, and then generate multiple documents.

If you’ve never tried Keyboard Maestro, you can download it here. You can enroll in the Keyboard Maestro Field Guide here for $24 and begin immediately.

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