[Deal] Save up to 20% on Moment’s lenses and Pixel 4 cases until October 31st

If you’ve just received your Pixel 4 or 4 XL and want to add a wide-angle lens capability to your shiny new handset then you may want to take a closer look at Moment’s Pixel 4 cases that are now available to pre-order at a reduced price of $31.99. If you already have a Moment case for your phone, you can also save 15-20% on any phone lens that can add the superfish, anamorphic, 18mm wide-angle, 58mm telephoto, or macro function to your phone’s camera. We’ve got the details for you after the break.

The Pixel 4 and 4 XL cases are being offered in Walnut Woof and Black Canvas at the reduced price of $31.99 instead of $39.99, giving a saving of $8. The pre-order deal will run until October 31st, with shipping set to start in early November.

Buy it Now: Moment Pixel 4/4XL Case Pre-order

If you buy any one of Moment’s five lenses and enter the discount code of SAVE15 you can save 15% off the usual price of the lens. If you buy two lenses, you can save 20% off the combined total by typing in the SAVE20 discount code at checkout. As with the Pixel 4/4XL case pre-order deal, the lens sale runs until October 31st, so there’s no better time to upgrade your phone’s camera than the present.

Buy it Now: Moment Lens

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