Deezer introduces new Dark Mode for its Android app

Dark mode is possibly the trendiest feature in the Android world right now, with smartphone brands and app developers all working towards a future where our eyes aren’t quite as strained when looking at our smart devices currently. The music streaming service, Deezer, is the latest app to bring the dark mode treatment to its Android app, giving users the option of switching from the white background to a dark grey theme.

According to Deezer, users listen to 30-minutes of music on average each night, which means that the dark mode will come in handy, both minimizing eye strain for you, and keeping the person next to you from being blinded. Besides saving your eyes, the dark mode also improves text readability and the dimmer background aids a good night’s sleep. As you might expect, you can run dark mode on the Deezer app fulltime, day and night, which is good news for people like myself who prefer a dark theme over the brightness of Material Design.

“Dark mode users can also customize their visual experience by choosing an all-over dark background or keep the colorful version that is also available on bright mode. Users that choose to keep the vibrant background will notice the color dynamically change to match the artwork of every track that is being played.”

Deezer’s dark mode is rolling out to Android users today and will be available to all Android users in the next few days. Free and Premium users can access Dark Mode on their Android devices and on the Deezer website by simply heading to Settings, Display and selecting Dark Mode.

Download it Now: Deezer (Play Store Link)

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