Destiny 2: The Final Shape preorders, other DLCs up to 87% off

As I write this, the climactic Destiny 2 DLC The Final Shape — the capstone to developer Bungie’s decade-long Light and Darkness Saga — is exactly one week away from its June 4 release. Set to bring players inside the Traveler itself, give them access to the highly anticipated Prismatic subclass that allows for the use and combination of abilities from various different subclasses, and pit them against the Witness as it prepares to realize its vision for a frozen and lifeless universe, the expansion aims to satisfyingly conclude Destiny’s ongoing narrative arc while simultaneously kicking off a new era of stories for the space fantasy looter shooter. And as you’d expect, community excitement for the DLC has reached a fever pitch.

As evidenced by Destiny 2’s dominant position on the Steam Top Sellers chart and its rising player count, new and returning players alike are flocking to the game ahead of The Final Shape’s launch and are likely preordering it, too. If you still need to do so — or you still need to get some of Destiny 2’s older expansion content — don’t miss these amazing deals on its DLCs, including 20% off Destiny 2: The Final Shape, 53% off Destiny 2: Lightfall, an 80% markdown for the Destiny 2: Armory Collection, and an 87% discount on the Destiny 2: Legacy Collection 2023.

Get all Destiny 2 DLCs for crazy low prices

These deals aren’t as impressive as the ones Bungie offered earlier this year in Humble’s “The Story So Far” bundle, but they’re still incredible discounts, with a few getting up to 80% off and above. Notably, this is also the first time we’ve ever seen The Final Shape go on sale, making now the time to pull the trigger on a preorder if you’re planning to jump into the DLC once it goes live on June 4. Sure, a 20% markdown isn’t huge, but for an expansion that isn’t even out yet, it’s a steal.

Though The Final Shape will serve as the finale for a 10-year story, it also marks the beginning of a new one — and between low prices like these on past expansions and in-game onboarding systems that have improved quite a bit in the last year or two, I’d argue there’s never been a better time to start playing Destiny (or return to it after a long hiatus). These systems are further improving in The Final Shape era; for example, the DLC is introducing a mechanic called Fireteam Power that will raise everyone in your group near the Power Level of the strongest player, allowing low-level Guardians to play harder content with their friends even if they haven’t done much to get their individual Power Level up.

By and large, Destiny 2 is a PvE game, though there are some PvP offerings available with things like matchmade Crucible games, ranked Competitive matches, and the weekend-exclusive 3v3 mode Trials of Osiris. Still, you’ll be spending the majority of your time engaging in deep buildcrafting and earning powerful loot while playing story campaigns, standalone missions, three-player “Strikes,” harder versions of those Strikes called Nightfalls, and six-man endgame raids. There are three-player “mini raids” called dungeons, too, though these require purchasing $20 dungeon keys (each key gives you access to two dungeons) unless you buy the Annual Pass version of an expansion. For example, to play the two dungeons that will come out in 2024-25 without buying The Final Shape Dungeon Key standalone, you’d need to get The Final Shape + Annual Pass edition (this will also allow you to play everything from The Final Shape’s upcoming three Episodes, which are replacing Destiny 2’s quarterly seasonal releases).

Guardians wielding Prismatic, the multiclassing subclass that can use and combine abilities from multiple other subclasses, in The Final Shape. (Image credit: PlayStation Studios)

It’s worth noting that Bungie plans to release a new Legacy Collection bundle once The Final Shape comes out that includes access to all past Destiny 2 content except The Witch Queen’s and Lightfall’s dungeon keys, and will also make the campaigns from Shadowkeep and Beyond Light as well as Beyond Light’s Stasis subclass free for everyone (more details in this blog post). It’s unclear how much this new bundle will cost at the moment, though I’d be very surprised if it was more affordable than all of the DLC is right now; because of that, I recommend taking advantage of these deals while they’re around.

Ultimately, these are some of the best prices I’ve ever seen for Destiny 2’s expansions, and it’s also the first time I can remember seeing one of its upcoming DLCs on sale before launch. These discounts will likely go away once The Final Shape releases and there’s no way to know when they’ll come back around, so whether you’re looking to preorder the final expansion of the Light and Darkness Saga, catch up on everything that led up to this moment, or both, don’t miss your chance to save big while getting into one of the best PC games and best Xbox games available right now.

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