Digital Trends Live: Spotify’s Subscription Milestone, Asteroid Simulation

On the latest episode of Digital Trends Live, hosts Greg Nibler and DT Content Specialist Chris DeGraw discuss today’s top tech stories, including Spotify hitting the 100 million-user mark, Amazon’s tracking (and firing) of workers based on A.I. results, NASA’s simulation of a deadly asteroid strike, a flying car skyport in Miami, Harvard’s (even-faster) snake robots, and more.

Joining Nibler later in the show is Kirk-Anthony Hamilton, chief executive officer and co-founder of Tech Beach Retreat, an annual conference that brings together the most influential people, companies, and minds in technology.

Later, we welcome Ed Petersen, CEO of, to discuss the growth of on-demand, on-location vehicle mechanic services.

Finally, Megan Bigelow, founder and board president of PDX Women In Tech, sits down with Nibler to talk about the imbalances that exist in the workplace tech today, and how her organization is a place of support for underrepresented minorities in tech.

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