Discover Your New and Trusted Online Casino

    In the modern world, mobile casinos have better infographics than ever, the results and improvements can be seen from the first second, after entering the game, fans of online games probably know how convenient and pleasant it is for the eyes to see a clear and bright picture.

    Norway has a lot to offer, why not pursue a hobby online? Nye Casinoer is extremely popular with Norwegians as it includes all the latest trends. Mobile casinos are the ever-growing leisure version and now is the perfect time for you.

    If you’re an old pro or just looking for something fun, matching you with an online casino might be the thing for you. Nina Olsendburg knows plenty of mobile casinos. In this article, we will explore some fantastic trusted casino options for all players.

    This article is structured so you will have a better knowledge of quality mobile casinos. While unlikely, all casinos may be a match for you. Some casinos are more likely to be a match. You hopefully will find one casino in this list that fits you perfectly. 

    Olsendburg also understands the hesitation people have with mobile casinos but assures you these casinos listed below are the perfect places for you to start.


    Mobile casinos have become so popular because of their convenienc. It’s fun to play on casinos through your laptop, but these devices cannot be used everywhere. 

    They require space where a phone requires just your hand. You might find comfort to be the number one reason you enjoy mobile gambling. 

    The ability to take your casino on the go makes it that much easier to enjoy. While it is convenient, it is wise to prep before getting into this ever-growing suitable world.


    It is best to plan out a spending limit before starting, especially if you are new. Even before picking a casino, having a plan is crucial because you do not want to waste your money. Old pros, you are aware of this. 

    However, it is always nice to have a kind reminder. Once you know how much you’ll spend, try out a few sites and apps with free trial methods. Using free trials is the soundest advice in this regard

    Once you have charted your spending limit, it is best to find your game. If you know your game, then you are all set. However, if you are not sure what your competition is, that is where free trials can be of help to you. Try multiple games out and whichever gives you the best luck with in the free trials is the best option to start. Your game of choice for mobile may turn out to be different than your game of choice at in-person casinos. 

    The same is true if you are an online casino gambler. Just because you found a slot game, for instance, in a new trusted casino does not mean you will find that same slot game on mobile. You may find a better slot game on mobile, or you may end up finding that your game in person, your game online, and your game on mobile, are three completely different games. By the way, here are the best online slots covered by the News Cision.

    Thus leaving you with three completely different strengths. Still, it could take you a while to find your footing in the mobile casino arena, but if you are looking for something to do, what better outlet to take a chance in.


    As you may know, there are two leading brands of mobiles, the iPhone and Android. Here are some of the most trusted online casino sites on those devices. According to diverse sources, here is a compilation of the top 5 iOS casino apps.

    • Game Twist Slots
    • Zynga Poker
    • Big Fish Casino
    • Texas Poker (Karma Games)
    • Slots to Pharaohs Rising

    Best Mobile Casino Apps Revisited provided the top five casino apps for Android users as well. These are those top five.

    • myVegas
    • Hit It Rich
    • Bingo Casino
    • GameHouse Casino Plus
    • Crazy Casino

    Then here are the top five casino apps overall.

    • 888 Casino App
    • Betway
    • EuroGrand
    • William Hill

    For more information on each, please check this directory. If you are not a user of one of these significant phone companies, fear not. Most of these sites are compatible with less popular OS are also more than capable of running mobile casino apps.


    Hopefully, you have found the information here useful and will consider investing in a mobile casino. There are exciting payout opportunities if you do decide to give one a go. For any more information, explore the sites provided in this article beyond the articles that this article references. Your new mobile casino awaits if you are ready for it.

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