Do we really need a radically redesigned Apple Watch?

Apple Watch is turning 10 this year, and although the product has evolved a lot, its design is still very similar to the original introduced in 2014. In recent years, there have been many rumors about a major redesign coming to the Apple Watch – but they never saw the light of day. But after all, do we really need a radically redesigned Apple Watch?

Apple Watch design changes

From Series 1 to Series 3, Apple Watch remained pretty much the same. Apple introduced new colors and materials, but the design of the watch case remained almost untouched.

The first redesign came with Apple Watch Series 4, which introduced a new, larger display that follows the curves of the bezels. The Series 4 case also became thinner and slightly curvier, but it still has the look and feel of the original Apple Watch.

Three generations later, Apple Watch Series 7 was introduced with another design change, but this time an even more discreet one. The display has become bigger and the bezels around it even thinner, but the watch case itself is still very similar to the Series 4.

Apple Watch

Then the Apple Watch Ultra came along in 2022, and now we can argue that it brought a new design language to the Apple Watch – but Ultra is a variant in the lineup, and Series 9 keeps the same design as its predecessors.

Apple Watch Ultra

Rumors on a redesigned Apple Watch

According to rumors, Apple was planning to introduce a redesigned “Apple Watch X” this year to celebrate the product’s 10-year anniversary. This redesign was described by Bloomberg as the “biggest overhaul yet” of the Apple Watch. Details are unclear, but this version was expected to be thinner and have a new magnetic mechanism for the bands.

However, more recent reports suggest that Apple may have given up on the new Apple Watch design. Instead, the company has reportedly opted for more discreet changes for the Series 10 models, which will once again look almost identical to the current models – but with larger displays and perhaps a thinner case.

If true, this wouldn’t be the first time that rumors about a radical redesign of the Apple Watch have been wrong. In 2021, there were many leaks about a “flat-edged” Apple Watch Series 7. But as you know, Series 7 doesn’t look that different from its predecessors.

Apple Watch X concept by Lukas Gehrer - Wordsmattr

Apple Watch X concept by Lukas Gehrer from Wordsmattr.

We don’t know for sure whether the rumors were always wrong or whether Apple also gave up on changing the design at the time. But perhaps Apple has just realized that there’s no need for a radical redesign of the Apple Watch.

The current design just works

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” I think that applies to the Apple Watch. From my experience, I’ve always felt from the very beginning that the Apple Watch has the right design for a smartwatch. It looks like a piece of technology while at the same time having curves that make it elegant and comfortable to wear on the wrist.

I’ve tried round smartwatches from the competition and I didn’t like them. I know there’s a group of people asking for a round Apple Watch – but please don’t. At the same time, a “flat-edged” watch sounds like something really uncomfortable (and ugly) to wear.

At the end of the day, I don’t think the Apple Watch needs a radical new design. I’m fine with the watch getting thinner or getting a bigger display, but I don’t want a round or flat-edged watch. The current Apple Watch design just works. Instead, I’m more interested in things like a bigger battery and new health sensors.

Apple Watch design

But what about you? Would you like to see a brand new design for the Apple Watch? Let me know in the comments section below.

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