Do we still need computers now mobiles dominate the market?

Smartphones have become the dominant way in which we communicate with the internet. For a long time, desktop and laptop computers were the only real way for most people to get online. Now, with smartphones making it easy to access the internet, computers have become the forgotten partner. So, do we also still need computers when it comes to accessing the internet? We’ve taken a look at some of the areas where we will still need both, and some where smartphones have won the war.

Online gambling

This is an area where both computers and smartphones have their own space in the market. While it would be absolutely naive to claim that smartphones haven’t taken a huge slice of the market share for online gambling, it’s wrong to claim that computers are not still a valuable tool. A great example of this would be when using a top-quality online sportsbook.

When playing at an online sportsbook, it goes without saying that mobiles offer a more convenient service. Players are able to get access to the site simply and easily, and don’t have to worry about where they are. The simple tap controls also mean that placing a wager is very simple. However, computers can still offer something to players. Firstly, as you’re able to watch some sporting events live on your sportsbook, watching on a computer will give you access to a larger screen. This is very important, as a lot of sportsbooks don’t offer the option to go full screen when watching the game, so having a larger overall screen makes it much easier to watch.

While this might become less of an issue as newly released mobiles will have larger screens, it is also safe to say that a mobile is extremely unlikely to ever be able to offer a screen the same size as that of a computer. There’s also the fact that mobile browsers don’t always offer the same level of functionality as computer browsers. So, while you may be able to get access to most of the features of a sportsbook through your mobile, there may be a few missing when compared to the computer version of the site.

Online gaming

Online gaming is one of the fastest growing methods of playing games on the planet. It’s not just about playing FIFA Ultimate Team or Fortnite, either. Online gaming also includes playing games through your browser. One of the main things that the internet offered to people when it first became widespread was the ability to play a huge range of completely free games through your browser. Although mobile browsers have improved a lot in recent years, they’re still not able to offer the same level of gameplay as computer browsers.

There are so many different games that can really only be enjoyed when playing on a computer browser. While some of these games may have had specific apps created that will allow for mobile play, a lot of them are still unavailable through the mobile browser. The compatibility issues are something that might never be solved, which could cause problems for players in the future. So, if your favourite online game is a browser-based title, don’t be too quick to throw out your computer. You might be forever removing your opportunity to enjoy that game if it’s not available on mobile.

Reading websites

This is an area in which mobile browsers have pretty much taken over. If all you want to use your browser for is to read a few websites, then you really don’t need a computer at all. The main reasons for this are twofold. Firstly, mobile browsers haven’t just made websites fit onto the screen in the modern world. They have also made it so that it’s simple to read a site on a smaller screen, through image scaling. This makes sure that all images and text on the screen are made to fit the screen properly. So, while images will be shrunk down to fit onto the screen, text will be increased in size in order to make it easier to read. All of this means that users won’t have to worry any more about being unable to read pages.

Secondly, using your finger to scroll through a page is significantly easier than using a mouse to navigate through a website. Not only does it make going backwards and forwards very easy, but it also means that you can zoom in or out on a specific part, using the correct commands. Using a mobile is a very effective and simple way in which to read websites that computers can’t compete with.