Do You Own Bitcoin? Here’s Why You Should Consider It.

    Few assets are as controversial — both among retail investors and from a global perspective — as Bitcoin (CRYPTO:BTC). In this segment of Backstage Pass, recorded on Dec. 20, Fool contributors Jason Hall, Rachel Warren, and Toby Bordelon respond to a member’s question.

    Jason Hall: Vihaan, I am going to answer your question here real quick, asking, mentioned that I own some Bitcoin. Do I plan to add to my Bitcoin position? I do. I’ve actually bought three times. It’s still a tiny holding, but I am going to grow it. I am. 

    My guess is I will probably never invest more than maybe 2% of my cost basis into Bitcoin. I’m just, I’m guessing. I’ll own some other crypto assets over time, but yeah, probably 2%. What about you guys, Rachel?

    Rachel Warren: I’m not currently invested in Bitcoin. I wasn’t really interested in it when all the initial Bitcoin craze started.

    Jason Hall: Me, I was the biggest —

    Rachel Warren: Yeah.

    Jason Hall: — “This is stupid and you’re wasting your money.”

    Rachel Warren: Right, and then I’ve started to pay more attention to it over the years. And then my focus of late has been more just building my portfolio of stocks. I still find Bitcoin speculative. But I will say as I learn more about it, I find it really interesting and something I want to learn more about. I think the big takeaway for me here has been, I have been talking a lot lately to people in my life that maybe don’t invest but then they hear about Bitcoin.

    Jason Hall: Yeah.

    Rachel Warren: They are like: “Oh, what do you think about Bitcoin? Is that what I should buy?” My thing is, I think Bitcoin can be totally part of a diversified portfolio but I think you have to understand it to the best you can and understand what you’re getting yourself into.

    Jason Hall: They’re not looking to invest, they’re trying to get rich fast, right?

    Rachel Warren: That’s the thing. I’ll say, “Well, that may have worked for a few people, but that’s not generally going to be the case.”

    So if you want it as part of your portfolio, great, but in and of itself, that can be speculative, to say the least. [laughs]

    Jason Hall: Right. Toby What about you?

    Toby Bordelon: I have not. I have not invested in crypto yet. I keep thinking about it, but it’s not something I’m taking a leap on yet.

    Jason Hall: Inflation buddy. I’m telling you. I’m kidding. I’m not one of those people.  [laughs]

    Well, let me tell you, there’s lots of places in the world that it’s real, that have been dealing with crazy inflation and bizarre volatility with their native currencies. And crypto assets offer some level of appreciation potential. 

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