‘Dockhunt’ site lets you share your macOS dock and discover apps

A new website has popped up that’s focused on sharing your macOS dock and getting inspiration from others. Called Dockhunt, it’s basically a social network, but for showing off the apps that you keep in your Mac’s dock. The goal is to help you discover new apps and also “see who else has docked the apps you use.”

A social network for macOS docks

Max Musing, one of the creators of Dockhunt, explained the motivation for creating the service in a post on Product Hunt:

One of my favorite places to find the most essential products is, well, from other makers. Clearly I’m not alone. When I meet other builders, the first question they ask is often some version of: “What’s in your dock?”

The team at Basedash and I thought it’d be fun to ship a project that lets you answer that question.

I hope this becomes a fun way for folks to connect over their favorite apps. Working on Basedash has introduced me to tons of talented builders. It’s one reason I love this community so much.

Dockhunt uses a simple web interface where you can browse through submissions from other Mac users. You can also view a rundown of the top apps, revealing the most common apps that Dockhunt users keep in their Mac’s dock. Unsurprisingly, apps like Slack, Chrome, Visual Studio Code, and Notion are near the top of the list.

As you explore the Dockhunt website, you can also click on the apps that appear in other docks. This will then show a list of all the other Dockhunt users that also have that specific app in their dock.

To add your dock to the Dockhunt website, you have two different options. First, you can download the Dockhunt desktop app for your Mac. Once downloaded, simply run the app, and you’ll be able to add your dock to the Dockhunt website. Alternatively, you can run the following command in the Terminal app (as long as Node.js is installed on your Mac): ‘npx dockhunt’

Dockhunt uses the apps that are pinned to your dock and ignores apps that are in the “Recent apps” section of your dock. It’s all completely open source and you can find the source code on GitHub.

Once you’ve added your dock to the Dockhunt website, you’ll get a unique URL that you can share on social media. I’ve enjoyed exploring Dockhunt and seeing what other Mac users view as their essential apps. I’ve already discovered some new apps to check out, and been reminded of apps I used to use but have forgotten about.

I’m also impressed by how people keep just a very small number of apps in their dock. Check out the website here and share a link to your dock in the comments!

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