Docking station alternatives: Don’t let the chip shortage affect your return to the office

From your new car purchase to your latest smartphone upgrade, we’ve all been affected in some way by the global semiconductor shortage wreaking havoc on consumer goods and tech devices. The exact cause of the shortage may vary depending on who you ask, but generally, it’s the result of a domino effect set off by the Covid-19 pandemic, causing global lockdowns, a rise in demand for consumer electronics, and a shipping container shortage. Add on to that trade disputes, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. But, while the cause may be complex, the result is simple – we can’t get our hands on the tech products we need.

One product, in particular, this chip shortage is affecting is laptop docking stations. These chips play an integral role in every dock sold on the market today, and inventory is quickly shrinking industry-wide. We know from speaking with our customers, that IT pros are feeling the impact of this shortage already. As many of us prepare to return to the office, companies are finding unique ways to make the most out of their existing office space, creating safe and socially distanced hot desks that rely on the integration of a dock. Docks are also an effective tool to enable the growing trend of hybrid working, allowing the employees to easily work from home or the office as needed. The only problem is, experts are expecting the chip shortage to last until 2023.

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