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    A view of Super Nintendo World from above.
    Universal Studios Japan

    Three words: Super Nintendo World. That’s the name of the new theme park Nintendo created in partnership with Universal Studios. Now the first park in Japan is nearly complete, and Nintendo is ready to show it off today (December 18) in a livestream at 6 p.m. Eastern. Hopefully it’s not a 16-bit stream.

    Usually, Nintendo Direct events show off upcoming games, but that won’t today. Instead, the 15-minute video will give you an up-close preview of the theme park. We’ll likely see more details from the Super Mario Kart ride, Bowser’s Castle, and maybe even the Yoshi ride.

    The first Super Nintendo World will open in Japan in February 2021, but we’ll eventually see similar theme parks at Universal Studios in Florida and California. Nintendo says they won’t be identical, but the main themes should be there. That’ll be a long wait, but with the current global pandemic that wait seem as important.

    A closeup of a 'Super Mario Kart' styled roller coaster-type ride.
    Universal Studios Japan

    The first park’s design gives the feeling of being in a Super Nintendo game, with the blocky hills often seen in Super Mario games and bright colors everywhere. So far, we’ve seen a few pictures, but that leaves plenty of corners unexplored and bricks unpunched. Squint your eyes and you’ll feel like you stepped into a Super Mario World level. Just try to avoid the lava.

    If you’re interested in just what a Nintendo Theme Park looks like, don’t miss today’s live stream.

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