Dyson V11 review: still a supremely capable vacuum cleaner

Dyson V11 vacuum cleaner: two-minute review

The Dyson V11 is a powerful cordless vacuum cleaner, offering up to 60 minutes of untethered cleaning time. There are three suction modes: a lower-powered Eco mode that gives the maximum cleaning time, a powerful and battery-sapping Boost mode for when you need a bit of extra oomph, and an Auto mode that detects what kind of floor you’re on and adjusts suction accordingly. 

On test, I found that even in Eco mode the V11 packed a good amount of power, clearing small and large-sized debris, and pet hair, with ease. I also found Auto mode worked reliably and effectively when moving between carpet and hard floors. The LCD screen – a new addition here, but ubiquitous from this model onwards – is useful for letting you know how much juice you have left, and alerting you of blockages.

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