EcoFlow Wave aims to keep you cool this summer as an incredibly powerful portable air conditioner

    Is summer your least favorite season because of the brutally uncomfortable temperatures? If you’re dreading the upcoming heat waves, EcoFlow might just have a new gadget for you.

    The EcoFlow Wave is a brand new portable air conditioner that promises some of the best local area cooling that you can get out of something this size. And much like some of EcoFlow’s other products (which we’ve reviewed here at Talk Android) you’re getting some fancy smart features to complement the power and efficiency that the Wave offers.

    EcoFlow Wave is the most powerful AC of its size

    If you want the details, the EcoFlow Wave puts out 4000BTU’s worth of cooling because of its efficient inverter compressor, marking it as the most powerful AC of its size. EcoFlow says it can cool a 64 square foot space from about 86 degrees down to 75 degrees (Fahrenheit here) in less than ten minutes. It sounds impressive, and even promises a dry operation by redirected water to its heating coils to evaporate, instead of dripping water like other portable ACs.

    Battery life lasts about 3 hours with the included battery, but the Wave does offer some tricks to extend that runtime by intelligently managing the fan and cooling modes. It can also be paired with the EcoFlow DELTA Pro to run for around 12 hours, which should be more than enough for an overnight trip.

    Much like how it works with the DELTA Pro, you can also add on some solar panels and fully charge this off the grid, keeping you cool no matter where you are. EcoFlow is building up an ecosystem of connected, smart products for anyone that travels often or is just trying to reduce their reliance on a traditional power grid, and we’re intrigued.

    The Wave is currently up for pre-order with a discount for early adopters. We’ll keep you updated with more info and a review as it comes.

    EcoFlow Wave

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