Eufy SmartTrack Link review: Effortless and effective

From finding where you last put that wallet or even tracking luggage across the world, trackers are a great (and discreet) way to keep track of important valuables. And now that leading companies like Eufy, Apple, and Tile have implemented procedures to address tracking security concerns, I was even more eager to see if trackers are as worthy an idea in practice as in theory.

I tested out the Eufy SmartTrack Link, a Bluetooth tracker that uses signals out in the world to pinpoint its location — and whatever it is attached to. It uses the built-in Bluetooth radios from your devices and myriad other devices all around to find a fairly precise location, sending that information to your smartphone. Here’s how it went.

Eufy Security SmartTrack Link

Eufy Security SmartTrack Link

This small, durable tracker help keep tabs on your important belongings, like keys, purses, or luggage. Get a precise location with the Find My app, then activate the alert on the tracker to pinpoint it exactly.

Bluetooth 5.0


240 ft

Water Resistance


  • Inexpensive
  • Accurate tracking
  • Replaceable battery

  • Limited android compatibility
  • Dull aesthetic

Getting started

Tracker is ready to use almost immediately

Eufy smartlink tracker with box

Immediately, I was impressed (and relieved) to find that setting up the Eufy is fairly straightforward and quick. The tracker comes with a battery included, so it’ll be ready to use right out of the packaging.

You’re required to download the Eufy Security app and create an account in order to use the device.

The entire process takes about five minutes. Signing up for an account is followed by a couple of confirmations and then granting certain permissions to Eufy. Once you’re in the app, you click on “add a device,” locate the tracker and press the button on it when prompted.

My favorite part of the whole experience, and the step that took the longest, was determining which emoji to designate for the tracker.

My software wasn’t up-to-date, so getting the latest version took about ten more minutes. But once that was done, I was able to open up Find My on my iPhone and quickly connect the tracker to it. My favorite part of the whole experience, and the step that took the longest, was determining which emoji to designate for the tracker. Ultimately, I went with a sad crying face to signal one of my prized posessions was likely lost (but soon to be found).



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Price, specs, and availability

Worth the $20Eufy smartlink tracker

The main draw of the Eufy track is its price. It can be bought individually or in packs, but each one is generally about $20. You can likely find it one sale throughout the year as well to save a bit more money. The tracker is compact and sturdy, fitting easily into the palm of your hand. Most importantly, it has a decent-sized keyring hole. It can easily be affixed to a keychain, or with a bit of work, other items such as a suitcase or purse.

Eufy Security SmartTrack Link

Bluetooth 5.0


240 ft

Water Resistance

The tracker itself is about the size of a credit card, and meant to fit into the sleeves of a wallet, purse, or other ID carrier. However, it doesn’t have an included key ring. I’m not sure if I need a tracker to be particularly aesthetic, but it looked like a natural and subtle addition to my keychain — nothing too bulky or distracting. Plus, the matte black appearance, sturdy plastic construction, rounded corners are practical, and to me, practical matters most.

Simple yet effective

Eufy smartlink tracker on keychain

There isn’t a lot to the Eufy Smarttrack link, but it does include a few useful features. Not only will it help you find an item that’s missing, but a QR code on the back of the tracker could expedite the situation if your missing item falls into the hands of a savvy altruist. A scan of the code will connect the finder with you so you can get your belongings back to you more quickly and easily.

Not only will it help you find an item that’s missing, but a QR code on the back of the tracker could expedite the situation if your missing item falls into the hands of a savvy altruist.

The tracker is also meant to be somewhat durable. The plastic design is strong and lightweight, and looks to hold up to regular wear and tear. It’s designed with IPX4 construction to protect it from splashes akin to ordinary rain.


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One particularly useful feature is that it comes with an easily replaceable battery. Eufy attests with regular use that the included battery should last about a year (I haven’t had the device long enough to test out this assertion). Whenever it does run out, CR2032 batteries are cheap and ubiquitous enough to quickly replace them. I would just suggest take note, if you can of the usage across months of use, or to perhaps invest in a battery tester so that you can keep track of the charge and not have the tracker die out when you need it most.

Using the tracker

Quickly tracking has a nice ring to it…literally

In reviewing the tracker, I can confidently say it succeeds in its two main features — the first of which is keeping tabs on something from your phone. I took it around the neighborhood with me on some walks, and it kept a pretty accurate location. I benefit by living in a big city with lots of signals for it to use, so it’s certainly more helpful to me than someone perhaps living in a less dense area. There is also the concern of elevation; the tracker isn’t adept at telling you whether something is above or below, so losing it in a high-rise building could make retrieval a bit tedious.

The second, and perhaps most helpful feature, is that your phone can help you track the tracker via a simple ring — and visa versa. You can ring the tracker from your phone to find where it (and your attached device) resides, and if you press the front of the tracker twice, it’ll ring your phone.


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The tracker claims to have a range of about 260 feet, but walls and other obstructions can reduce this distance. The ring is fairly loud and sharp, so if does emanate through clothes, bags, and other apparel and fabrics. If you’re outside trying to track down your missing device from a distance, be mindful it could be drowned out.

So these two key features work, but how you plan to use the device determines its true effectiveness.

Make sure whatever you want to track is kept separate from your phone. If you lose both item, you’re going to have a much harder time retrieving them.

As someone who tends to misplace items around the house, I find some immediate uses. My keys end up in a pocket somewhere, my wallet is on some desk or shelf, or my tote isn’t near the door. I can see just tossing the tracker in or on any of those items, so I can easily find them when I’m rushing out the door by playing the loud ring.

As for out in the world, I’d argue the most significant use for the tracker is to follow your luggage when traveling and stay aware if your belongings become lost or stolen. Using it with luggage, however, might force you to cede one of the features. I’d be wary of damage to the device if placed on the outside, especially knowing the ways in which suitcases can be thrown about or simply left out in cold or inclement weather when transported to and from an airplane.


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Placing the tracker within a suitcase makes sense, but you’re giving up the chance that someone who finds your luggage will scan the QR code on it.

Eufy smartlink tracker with Baby Groot

With the right uses in mind, there is plenty of value in Eufy’s budget-friendly tracker. Integration with Find My makes it valuable to iPhone owners, though Android owners will find limited functions with Eufy’s security app. Eufy’s other option when it comes to trackers is a slightly more robust and expensive SmartTrack Card.

With a decent range, a loud ring, and a small footprint, the Eufy tracker is more than worth its small price tag. Just be sure to find the best way to make it work for your life.

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