Ever dream of a LEGO Apple Store? This fan built one

It seems like there’s a LEGO set for everything these days, as the popularity of LEGO continues to cross generational divides. There are LEGO sets for all kinds of popular movies, video games, and iconic locations, but if you’re looking for an Apple-themed LEGO set, you’re out of luck.

LEGO user @legotruman hopes to change that, as they have collaborated with @2A2A to create a LEGO Apple Store. And it’s a thing of beauty.

The LEGO Apple Store was created and submitted to LEGO as part of the company’s Ideas initiative. In essence, LEGO leverages the creativity of its community by incentivizing original design submissions that could one day become official LEGO sets.

The Apple Store, of course, will never become an official set without Apple’s express approval. But currently the project has nearly 1,500 supporters, and once it hits 10,000 it will be reviewed by a LEGO team expert for consideration as an official set.

Here are some of the beautiful details included in this set, as outlined on on the official listing:

  • This model is not based on any one specific Apple store location. Instead, it is uniquely designed after observing the features and style shared by many iconic store locations.
  • The building features tall glass walls around the front and two sides.
  • The huge apple logo shines in white, placed front and center. These are features seen in most apple stores, contributing to the consistent aesthetics of these locations.
  • Black border “door frames” indicates the entrances.
  • Inside, clean space with friendly staff members in blue t-shirts.
  • The long wooden tables showcasing the latest iPhoneiMac and MacBook.
  • On the shelves, white product packages and headphones (arranged in a floral pattern, seen in many store locations).
  • On the right, indoor Ficus trees in white pot with nougat brim (seen in many real-life store locations).
  • On the left, stairs crossing the boundary of indoor/ outdoor spaces.
  • Upstairs, a display table for colorful Apple Watch, more staff helpers, and a beautiful color gradient screen as backdrop. Many store locations feature similar large display on white wall backgrounds.

The project’s collaborators have done an excellent job here, and I especially love all the design details. Be sure to check out the project page for the full gallery of photos.

Let us know in the comments: if an official Apple Store LEGO set was available, would you buy it?

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