Every Xbox Series X deal ever blown out of the water by Amazon at the last minute with lowest price of all time

Cyber Monday 2023 is getting closer and closer to being done, but there’s a few last-minute deals you shouldn’t skip. This might be the biggest: Amazon is offering an Xbox Series X for $399 as long as you make sure to click the coupon at checkout. This offer can’t be beat and there’s no telling how long it’ll stay in stock. If you’re interested, you need to buy it right now. 

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Why should you buy an Xbox Series X?

Games await. (Image credit: Jennifer Young – Windows Central)

The Xbox Series X is the big sibling compared to the smaller Xbox Series S. This more expensive console provides better graphical fidelity and higher framerates, pushing current-generation games beyond what the Xbox Series S is capable of. Games like Alan Wake 2 and Starfield look better and run smoother, simple as that.

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