Ford poaches Apple’s ‘vice president of people business partners’

    Ford has poached Jennifer Waldo from a current role as Apple’s vice president of people business partners, according to a new report. The move will see Waldo take a key role in a Ford restructuring known as Ford+.

    The move was first reported by the Detroit Free Press which says the hiring is part of “the evolution of Ford Blue, Ford Model e and Ford Pro, divisions that focus on the gasoline-powered vehicles, electrification and technology and business clients, respectively.”

    In terms of Waldo in particular, a new role as chief people and employee experiences officer awaits at Ford.

    Jennifer Waldo, currently vice president of “people business partners” at Apple in Cupertino, California, will soon become Ford’s new chief people and employee experiences officer. She’ll foster high-performance culture, scale talent and organizational capability in technology, innovation, the Ford news release said.

    Ford CEO Jim Farley hailed the signing of Waldo, saying that the “incredible experience and track record” on offer will be of benefit to the Ford+ project.

    “Jen has incredible experience and a track record of helping companies across different industries build talent and culture to support innovation and growth,” Farley said. “She will be an invaluable addition as we build a diverse, high-performance team to deliver the Ford+ plan.”

    Waldo’s LinkedIn profile says that she joined Apple in 2019.

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