‘Fortnite’ and Stranger Things team up to drop players in the Upside Down

Just yesterday Epic Games tweeted out a teaser image hinting at a crossover between Fortnite and Netflix’s original series, Stranger Things. Since then, players have been noticing portals popping up around the game’s map that drop you in random locations, and those portals look eerily similar to the ones found in Stranger Things.

But aside from the quick and random teleports, that’s all that’s going on. Nothing special is happening, with no new enemies, powers, or items being added to the game. Some data miners found Stranger Things skins, but that’s pretty much it.

For now, at least.

As with most Fortnite events, things tend to unfold over time. Considering Netflix is releasing Stranger Things season 3 on July 4th, there’s a pretty good chance that things will heat up once the holiday is officially out of the way.

So what’s next for the battle royale behemoth? We don’t know yet, but if you’re playing this weekend, keep your eyes peeled for surprises.

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