Future Microsoft Surface could get a feature that might win over iPad fans

Microsoft could be planning a fancy hinge for a future piece of Surface hardware which allows for adjusting the angle of the display in a very different manner when the device is open, going by a newly uncovered patent.

The patent filed with FPO, as spotted by Windows Latest, shows a concept where the laptop hinge is connected to a stand mechanism which the display is on, allowing the screen to be rotated to different angles relative to the stand when the portable is opened up.

Drawing of hinge and screen orientation from Microsoft patent application

(Image credit: WIPO / Microsoft / Windows Latest)

For those who’ve seen Apple’s Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro, Microsoft’s would-be invention functions in a similar method to its stand, except Microsoft is looking at a far more advanced implementation of a stand and hinge mechanism – one which would offer much more freedom in terms of the angles of adjustment available.

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