Galaxy Bloom will be Samsung’s weirdly named Moto Razr competitor

We’re pretty sure that Samsung is working on a new vertically folding phone, shifting designs from the Galaxy Fold and into something more like what Motorola is cooking up with the revived Razr. We don’t know many specifics about the phone, though, but a new leak might have shed a bit more light on it.

The new folding phone from Samsung will reportedly be called the Galaxy Bloom, and it’s still set to be announced alongside the revamped Galaxy S20 line. This rumor kills two birds with one stone and confirms a brand new name for Samsung’s foldable, ditching the Galaxy Fold brand for the time being, and re-confirming the name change to the Galaxy S20 instead of the Galaxy S11.

Switching to a new name for the Galaxy Fold does make sense considering that phone’s terrible launch. It got lukewarm reviews and took months to officially become available, so a soft reset for foldables could do Samsung some good. Galaxy Bloom is an absolutely terrible name, but I get the reasoning behind it.

Regardless, we’re just a few weeks away from a new Unpacked event. Buckle up.

source: Aju News

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