Galaxy Tab A4s will round out Samsung’s midrange tablet lineup

Samsung announced the Galaxy Tab S6 last year as its high-end, premium tablet. It’s still one of the best Android tablets on the market, but it commands a high price that not everyone wants to pay. That’s where the Galaxy Tab A and Tab E families fit into Samsung’s lineup, and today we’ve got some new info about what’s next for midrange Samsung tablets.

The tablet has a model name of SM-T307U and will likely be the Galaxy Tab A4s on store shelves. An FCC filing reveals that the tablet will utilize an 8.39-inch display with a 4860mAh battery, as well as options for LTE connectivity alongside your standard WiFi and Bluetooth radios. Pretty standard for a tablet, although we don’t know much else. Other rumors point to 32GB of storage and an Exynos chip, however.

Since this will be a midrange device, expect it to use hardware that’s a couple steps down from the Galaxy Tab S6. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, since even Samsung’s current line of budget-friendly tablets still get the job done, but it definitely won’t be a tablet to blow you away. It will, however, likely be quite a bit cheaper than Samsung’s eye-watering Galaxy Tab S6, and might be a better fit for something that you leave on the coffee table a few days per week.

source: FCC | Bluetooth SIG

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