Galaxy Z Flip 6 May Get A Bigger Battery Than Z Flip 5

    The Galaxy Z Flip 6 May Launch With A 4,000 mAh Battery

    Galaxy Z Flip 6 May Get A Bigger Battery Than Z Flip 5 4
    Image Credit: Samsung

    The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 launched with a 3,700 mAh battery, which five years ago, would have been very impressive. However, for flagships and phones as costly as foldables are, most people expect a little more in the battery department. The good thing is that there are hints the Z Flip 6 will get a beefier cell.

    According to a leak from GalaxyClub, the Z Flip 6 will upgrade both of its batteries (foldables tend to have dual-battery setups — one cell in each half), giving it a 1,097 mAh battery and a 2,790 mAh battery. This comes to a total rated capacity of 3,887 mAh — similar to the rated capacity of the S24’s battery. The S24’s battery was advertised at 4,000 mAh, which means that we are likely to see the first 4,000 mAh battery in a Z Flip phone.

    That milestone is impressive and paired with the battery improvements we’ve seen with One UI 6.1 and the S24 devices, it should mean a flip phone that lasts a lot longer than before.

    What Else Do We Know About The Galaxy Z Flip 6?

    The Samsung Galaxy Flip 6 - What We Expect
    Image Credit: Samsung

    The Galaxy Z Flip 6 looks very likely to be getting a notable upgrade in battery capacity, but what else do we know about what it might bring later this year?

    The display on the front cover of the Z Flip 6 looks like it’s going to get much bigger than the Flip 5. While the current cover display measures 3.4 inches, the new one might be as large as 3.9 inches according to display industry insider Ross Young on X. That’s a big jump, and quickly, considering the Z Flip 4 was only 1.9 inches on the outside and we’re seeing yet another display bump.

    The same report from GalaxyClub also hinted that the Z Flip 6 may upgrade its main camera to a 50MP setup, potentially the exact same one as seen on the S24 and S24+. This might mean actual flagship quality cameras on the Z Flip series, for the first time.

    When Will Samsung’s Next Set Of Foldables Launch?

    With all these whispers about what to expect from the Galaxy Z Flip 6, we’ll all have to wait until the official unveiling of the next set of foldables before anything is confirmed.

    Galaxy Z Flip 6 May Get A Bigger Battery Than Z Flip 5 5
    Image Credit: Samsung

    The last four generations of foldables from Samsung were all available to consumers in August (and announced either in August or late July). So the earliest we can expect to hear anything about the new Z Flip will be July, but I’d keep my money on August this time around.

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