Get ahead of the Black Friday game with these gift card offers to double dip on the best Xbox savings

Black Friday deals are here and it’s the biggest season of the year for shopping, and the best time to make savings. Every discount on those coveted items is a victory.

Amidst the flurry of deals and doorbusters, there’s a secret weapon in the arsenal of the savvy saver—gift cards. Imagine not just catching the wave of Black Friday discounts but riding it to even greater heights. That’s the power of strategic gift card purchases.

If you really want to squeeze every bit of value out of your dollar, the real trick is to double up on savings by purchasing gift cards from the biggest stores when they are available at a discount, it’s practically awarding yourself free cash for things you were going to buy anyway. Right now Target is offering 10% off a bunch of cards from Nintendo store to Playstation so you can take full advantage of their online gaming sales, and Amazon is giving 10% off the $50 Xbox gift card, which can be used on anything on the Microsoft store. The best deal though, comes from Newegg who are offering up to $100 Xbox credit for only $88 with the use of a discount code. Read on for savings! 

More great Black Friday deals

What can I buy with my gift card? 

Gift Cards 10% off at Target for Black Friday

Gift Cards 10% off at Target for Black Friday (Image credit: Target)

In the grand scheme of Black Friday mastery, these discounted gift cards become your secret weapon. Not only do you benefit from the initial Black Friday markdowns, but you amplify your savings by snagging discounted gift cards for the very places you planned to shop. It’s like a cheat code to a hidden level of discounts.

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