Get in a ‘Mad Apple’ state of mind in Las Vegas

Even if you have been to other Cirque du Soleil shows, you’ll find that the newest show in its stable is a different kind of animal. Mad Apple merges comedy, acrobatics, singing and dancing with Cirque’s penchant for over-the-top costumes, creating a dynamic, engaging show.

As you’re filtering into the theater, you’ll have a chance to grab a drink, but you may want to wait until you’re inside, since the preshow involves an actual bar on the stage and magicians circulating through the crowd. Once the show proper starts, you won’t be able to order a drink up there, but you’d be too distracted to anyway. As is the case with many Cirque shows, and any good nightclub, there’s a lot going on.

Some numbers feature the full 48-member cast, and that’s pretty amazing, while others celebrate New York musically—music director Xharlie Black and five vocalists plus five-piece band present incredible mashups of Big Apple-themed songs. There’s plenty of clowning around, but stand-ups Brad Williams and Harrison Greenbaum re-create a comedy club vibe, while comedy rapper Chris Turner takes random phrases from the crowd and turns them into inspired, hilarious verse.

The acrobatics will amaze you, from two-man balancing acts that quickly morph in a flipping frenzy, trampoline experts that make amazing roundball shots while sailing through the air. An aerialist puts a spin on the theme as she is suspended by her hair. An enormous wheel flips through the air with an acrobat seemingly barely hanging on sometimes. One of the quieter moments may be the most intriguing, as a host’s intricate shadow puppets become more complex, and almost unbelievable, as the act continues.

And that’s just a portion of the eclectic mix; Mad Apple might be even more entertaining than a night in the Big Apple itself.

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