Get in on Xbox Game Pass on PC for just $20 for three months and all the games you can play

In case you hadn’t heard, Xbox Game Pass is the best deal in gaming. After all, who doesn’t want access to hundreds of games, including Microsoft day one exclusives, for one small monthly fee? It’s not even exclusive to the Xbox consoles. It’s so good. If you’re a PC only player there’s a tier just for you and for Black Friday you can snag yourself three months access for just $20.

$20 and you can play Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite campaign, or how about Flight Simulator and the Age of Empires franchise as well as the Bethesda back catalog and an insane library of titles from third-party studios.

There’s just too much awesome.

Xbox Game Pass PC 3 Month

Xbox Game Pass for PC | Save 33%

The best deal in gaming gets even better with a tasty Black Friday discount. Play Forza, Age of Empires, Halo, DOOM, Flight Simulator and much, much more with this subscription for 33% off.

$20 at Amazon

It’s important to note that this subscription only gives access to games on the PC. If you’re looking to play from the cloud as well you’ll need to upgrade to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

It’s not overselling the program by calling it the best deal in gaming. Xbox Game Pass goes from strength to strength and in its life so far has already changed the landscape of how we play video games. It brings together not only Microsoft’s vast library of first-party titles that now includes the Bethesda stable but those from some of the biggest third-party studios in the business.

On PC, Xbox Game Pass includes access to EA Play, with trial periods available for the newest games like Battlefield 2042 and Fifa 22, as well as complimentary access to games like Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order and Need for Speed Hot Pursuit remastered.

Whether buying for yourself or as a gift for a friend or loved one, the gift of Game Pass is one everyone can enjoy.

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