Google adds 6 new features to Android including Dark Mode on Google Maps and Scheduled Texts


    Google has announced the addition of six new features for Android that will be available either via app updates on the Play Store or Google Services, instead of waiting for a software update to roll out. The new features includes dark mode for Google Maps, Text Scheduling, Password Checkup, new commands for Google Assistant, a refreshed TalkBack app, and a few more Android Auto customizations. We’ve got the details for you after the break.

    Dark Mode for Google Maps

    The proper dark mode is finally rolling out to Google Maps via an update in the Play Store, with the option to set it permanently by heading over to Settings, tapping on Theme, and toggling the “Always in Dark Theme” option.

    Password Checkup

    Using Autofill on Android makes it easier and quicker to enter login details for your apps and service, and the integration of Password Checkup to devices running Android 9 Pie or newer will let you know if your password has been exposed. Google will check the credentials against a list of known compromised passwords that have been posted on the net, and alert you if you need to change your login details.

    Text Scheduling for Messages

    It’s a feature that Samsung users have enjoyed for years, and now it’s finally rolling out to the Google Messages app. Yup, you’ll soon be able to schedule texts to be sent, making it easier to send a message to say Happy Birthday or perhaps a greeting to someone as they wake-up in a different time zone. Just write the message as you normally would, hold and press the Send button, and select a date and time to deliver the text.

    A refreshed TalkBack app

    The TalkBack accessibility app gets a refresh after Google worked with blind and low-vision communities to bring new features such as more intuitive gestures, a unified menu, as well as a new reading control menu.

    Google Assistant Hands-free

    The Google Assistant gets some hands-free tweaks that make it easier to do things on the phone without needing to unlock it beforehand. Now you can ask it to set an alarm, play music, send texts or make calls without even needing to be stood next to the phone. You just need to enable “Lock Screen Personal Results” in the Google Assistant Settings.

    Android Auto

    You’ll soon be able to personalize your Android Auto setup with custom wallpapers and voice-activated games such as Jeopardy! and Trivia Crack. There’s a new split-screen view for cars with wider displays, and a privacy screen for when you aren’t alone in the car. Home shortcuts for contacts and simple Google Assistant tasks will also be enabled.

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