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Google Chrome receives constant updates with new features and capabilities, and earlier this month, Chrome 112 started rolling out. Google has now detailed some of the performance improvements in that release.

Chrome 112 includes new optimizations for several JavaScript functions, such as toString() and join(), that are used in many sites and web frameworks. The team also added “specialized fast paths for parsing” for innerHTML, which is one of the most common ways that web pages update on-screen content.

Since all those features are used extensively in many sites and web apps, Google’s optimizations add up to a noticeable difference in web browsing. Google said in a blog post, “The improved features and efficient pointer compression collectively gave us a 10% increase in Apple’s Speedometer 2.1 browser benchmark over the course of three months.”

Graph showing gradual performance increase on each Chrome release

Chrome 112 also has a few performance optimizations made specifically for Android phones and tablets. Browser builds for high-end Android devices are now using “compiler flags tuned for speed rather than binary size,” which results in a 30% improvement in the same Speedometer test. Google didn’t mention which device it used for that benchmark test.

Google has rolled out a few other performance improvements in Chrome recently, including a Memory Saver that freezes background tabs, and optimizations specifically for Mac computers.

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