Google One now has a 5TB storage plan

Google One

With the free unlimited photo storage at Google Photos having been discontinued in June many users have switched over to a paid subscription at Google One. Heavy users have had to choose between the affordable $10/2TB and the pricey $50/10TB cloud storage plans which is quite a leap in outlay each month, until now. Google has slipped in another tier that offers 5TB of storage for $25 monthly or $250 annually.

The new 5TB tier offers the same benefits as the 2TB option, including the following:

  • 5TB storage
  • Access to Google experts
  • Option to add your family
  • Extra member benefits
  • 10% back in the Google Store
  • VPN for Android phone

The addition of the $25/5TB plan brings a more cost-effective option for those needing a smidge over 2TB of storage but for whom it might take years to get close to the 10GB limit. It’s not as cheap as free unlimited photo storage was but that ship has sailed and Google has no intentions of bringing it back to dock. If you’ve signed up with Google One to store your photos (and other content), which plan did you subscribe to?

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