Google Wallet is back with support for storing your Driver’s License

Remember Google Wallet? You know, the one that was renamed Android Pay and then most recently, Google Pay? Well, Google Wallet has been resurrected and it’s going to take over from Google Pay, albeit with a couple of new tricks. Confused? If you know anything about Google you should have been expecting this news when the moniker roundabout first began. This time, Google Wallet aims to be the digital wallet that stores all your important stuff, including your COVID vaccine card, digital ID, digital car key, driver’s license, as well as the usual bank cards, passes, and travel tickets.

Basically, if it’s possible to be digitized, Google wants you to be able to store it in its app, even if it’s just a screenshot of your vaccination card. The search giant is working to bring its ability to store digital copies of driver’s licenses to more states and even internationally although we’ll see how that goes. Google says that it hopes to bring the ‘new’ Google Wallet to the Wear OS platform soon, but we’ll hazard a guess here and say that it’s Wear OS 3.0 that is being referred to.

Over 40 countries are listed as eligible to get access to Google Wallet although its current status is “coming soon” with no specific launch date being given. Is Google Wallet here to stay? No one except Google knows about that but if I was a betting man I’d place a wager on seeing Google Pay again at some point in the future.

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