Google’s Pixel line picks up the latest security update after Labor Day

google pixel 5a

The latest security bulletin for the Google Pixel line of phones was slightly delayed this month. These usually release on the first Monday of the month, but yesterday just happened to be Labor Day. That’s alright, though, a single day delay isn’t so bad in the grand scheme of things.

Google Pixel security update

As a warning, if you’re not into security fixes, you won’t find a lot to be excited about here. With the next version of Android very close to launching, we won’t be seeing any Pixel feature drops between now and Android 12.

But on the security side of things, this bulletin has fixed quite a few issues. There are roughly two dozen vulnerabilities found in the kernel and vendor components of Android, with about 17 in the Android framework. These have all been patched as of September 05, so downloading this update should get you up to speed.

They’re available going all the way back to the Pixel 3 and up.

source: XDA Developers

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