Google’s Pixel Watch isn’t going to fix a long-standing issue on Wear OS

After a years-long wait for it to be confirmed as an actual product, Wear OS fans hoped that the Pixel Watch would fix everything that was wrong with the smartwatch platform. These hopes were only heightened when it was announced that Wear OS would be unified with Samsung’s Tizen OS, but have since faded with the report that the Pixel Watch would be powered by an Exynos processor that launched back in 2018. In a further nail in the Pixel Watch’s casket, it’s being reported that it will have a single day’s battery life. Which simply isn’t good enough from Google in 2022.

According to 9to5Google’s source, the Pixel Watch will have a 300mAh battery which, if accurate, will be good enough for a day’s usage. There’s no information if this day’s usage was achieved with Always-on-Display, continuous heart-rate tracking, and GPS enabled, all of which would draw extra power and perhaps make the single-day battery life more acceptable. Perhaps.

In other news, it’s also reported that the Pixel Watch will not offer fast charging, with a full charge said to take around 110 minutes to achieve, which again is simply not good enough in 2022. When you have smartphones with 4,500mAh batteries managing to charge in under 30 minutes, Google’s continued stubbornness in giving its products an acceptable charging rate is lamentable.

At this point, rather than being a hero for the Wear OS platform, it would appear that Google is content with launching a run-of-the-mill device in the Pixel Watch. Being underpowered with poor battery life are two issues we hoped we wouldn’t experience with the Pixel Watch but sadly, it seems that this is not the case.

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