Google’s Pixel Watch will officially launch this fall

    It’s only the first day of Google I/O but we’ve already learned that pre-orders for the Pixel 6a begin on July 21st, seen the first official images of the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro, and discovered that a Pixel tablet will launch during 2023. But what about that wearable that we’ve literally waited for years to be announced? Well, Google has made it official and we’ve got our first proper non-leak look at the rather sleek Pixel Watch which will launch alongside the Pixel 7 series ‘this fall’.

    Running on the new Wear OS 3.1 platform, the Pixel Watch will finally reveal Google’s take on the smartwatch experience. Sporting an industrial design with a very round and sleek casing that is apparently made out of recycled stainless steel, the Pixel Watch has a central crown with a single button residing above it. Fitbit integration is a given, and it’s also expected to feature LTE and NFC connectivity.

    Otherwise? All Google revealed about the “new Wear OS experience” is that Google Maps, Assistant, and other core Play Store apps will be present. Details on pricing and availability were not released, so all we know so far is that the Pixel Watch will launch alongside the Pixel 7 series ‘this fall’. I know, we’ve waited so long for the ‘Pixel Watch’ to be an actual thing but what are a few more months added to the equation? At least it’s real this time around.

    Having learned what little Google revealed about its smartwatch today, what are your thoughts on the ‘new Wear OS experience’ and what it will bring to the Pixel Watch?

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