Govee LED Strip Light M1 review: the future’s bright, remarkably bright

Two-minute review

Govee’s M1 LED Strip Light is truly next-level. Govee say the M1 is the brightest light they’ve ever made, boasting this is twice as bright as their earlier models thanks to 60 LEDs in every meter of lighting. And, after installing it in my office area, I can safely say they’re not wrong; it’s so bright that it washes out the wall it’s shining onto, which is a look I quite like. 

The M1 is vibrant and there are a host of different lighting options available to fit a variety of moods or vibes, including the ability to react to music; I found over 60 options in the app when I totted them up. Most of these were too intense for me, but can be desaturated or toned down using the app. In fact, all of the M1’s coolest features are locked away in the Govee app, but once I’d synced it up to my Google Home, it was easy enough to ask Google to turn my lights on and off, only dipping into the Govee app if and when I wanted a more drastic change. 

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