Hands-on: ALOGIC Blaze Docking Station & Hub [Video]

    With the new M1 Macs featuring Thunderbolt 4 compatibility, of course we’re going to see more Thunderbolt 4 accessories being released. And today we’ll be taking a look at some of the most capable Thunderbolt 4 accessories yet. These are the Blaze Dock and Hub from our friends at ALOGIC. And as far as Thunderbolt docks go, these are definitely some of the most versatile options available. Head below for a hands-on look and for a limited time you can get 10% off with code Alogic10.

    Blaze Hub

    The Blaze Hub is the more compact option of the two. It features a very premium design, and one that blends in very well next to a modern Mac. But based on the size, you can tell that this meant to be a more travel-friendly and portable option for MacBook users. It’s the perfect way to easily connect some thunderbolt accessories on the fly. 

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    Blaze Hub Ports

    In addition to your host connection port, you’ve got three Thunderbolt 4 ports on the back. Normally a Thunderbolt docks of this size only come with two Thunderbolt ports. So having three available in this compact package is awesome. And through each port you can get 60W charging for any Thunderbolt-supported laptop. On the front of the Blaze hub is a USB-A 3.2 port with 10Gbps support and device charging. 

    The Thunderbolt 4 ports on the Blaze Hub are USB-C compatible as well, so any non-Thunderbolt devices will work perfectly. This hub also allows you to connect up to two 4K displays at 60Hz simultaneously. And this is great for anyone who’s got a hi-res office or home desk setup. Overall, the Blaze Hub is an excellent travel accessory for Mac users and especially MacBook users who need a fast and reliable hub on the go.

    Blaze Docking Station

    The ALOGIC Blaze Docking station is the full-sized Blaze model and offers even more ports for simplifying your desktop connections. The Blaze Dock of course also features a premium aluminum design and is notably larger than the Blaze Hub. But that’s because of all these extra ports, and a more capable power supply that can fast charge Apple’s flagship MacBook models. 

    There’s a few extra ports on the front of the Blaze Dock. There’s a full-size SD-card slot with UHS-II speeds, which is really useful for content creators. There’s also a USB-A port on the front that’s mostly meant for charging devices like headphones or a smartphone. Then you’ve got a 3.5mm headphone jack with headphone and microphone support, which is also a very useful feature for content creators.

    The back of Blaze Dock features three Thunderbolt 4 ports offering 40 Gbps speeds and dual 4K monitor support. Next to that is a Gigabit Ethernet port and three USB-A 3.2 ports with 10 Gbps speeds. And with that you’ve got all of the essential ports you need. I personally couldn’t yearn for much more than this to use at my desk. 

    Overall both of these docking stations are great options for getting reliable performance with Thunderbolt 4 peripherals. And if you’re interested in getting one of these docks for 10% off, be sure to check out ALOGIC’s website and use code Alogic10.

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