Hands-on: ProClip USA MagSafe Holder for iPhone [Video]

    Wireless charging in the car is one of the great modern conveniences of smartphones. iPhone 12 and later makes wireless charging even better with MagSafe. Magnets help your iPhone instantly snap into place for the most precise wireless charging coil alignment, and wireless charging speeds can be up to 3x faster than basic Qi charging.

    MagSafe phone mounts without charging and some that sneakily rely on slower charging speeds are all over the market. These just don’t solve the problem of wireless charging on the road. ProClip USA provides the absolute best solution for wireless charging on iPhone 12 and later in the car. ProClip’s iPhone Holder for MagSafe Charger is the right solution for the best experience, and we’ve got an exclusive offer for 9to5Mac readers.

    Wireless charging with MagSafe is safer

    Wirelessly charging your iPhone with MagSafe isn’t just the most convenient way to power up your battery on the road. Not having to fiddle with a USB charging cable or having your iPhone slide off a surface also vastly reduces distractions while driving. This makes it safer to use your iPhone for hands-free voice calls, eyes-free navigation, and charging while using Bluetooth or wireless CarPlay.

    Best charging speed by far

    ProClip iPhone Holder for MagSafe Charger wisely uses Apple’s best wireless charger for iPhone. This means you can expect up to 15W of power delivery versus 5-7.5W on standard Qi chargers. Apple’s MagSafe charger is also designed specially for the iPhone 12 and later, so you can expect guaranteed compatibility with your iPhone even if you’re using a MagSafe case. This is possible because ProClip works using the best wireless charging solution on the market: Apple’s MagSafe charger!

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    Best iPhone mount for your car

    The spectrum of iPhone mounts range from the worst solutions that require suction cups, adhesive, or even special cases to the best solution that’s made specifically for your iPhone and your exact car model. That’s how ProClip guarantees a quality experience. ProClip USA lets you configure iPhone Holder for MagSafe Charger for your specific make and model of car. This lets you avoid accidentally damaging your car or discovering that your new phone mount doesn’t actually work in your vehicle. ProClip also offers a wide variety of other iPhone mounts if MagSafe isn’t your thing.

    ProClip USA also takes pride in the quality of their mounts. They consider factors like case width on clip mounts, and all phone mounts are made using ABS plastic that is tougher than plastics commonly used in inferior mounts.

    Special deal for readers

    Don’t settle for flimsy vent clips and suction cups and build your ProClip solution today on the ProClip USA website. Fans of 9to5Mac can save 10% on their order using the promo code 9to5 at checkout from now until August 31, 2021.

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