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Harley-Davidson Serial 1 SWITCH e-bike
Serial 1

Harley-Davidson’s Serial 1 brand recently unveiled its second mountain e-bike, and this time it actually has suspension. The brand’s first electric mountain bike didn’t, which was rather odd.

Over the last few years, Harley-Davidson has pushed into the world of electrification. By launching its own LiveWire electric motorcycle brand and, more recently, electric mountain bikes under the name Serial 1.

In May, the brand’s first e-MTB was the BASH, featuring a fully rigid aluminum frame and fork. There is no front or rear suspension, no seat dropper post, and nothing to handle bumps and rocks as you rip down some single track. The seat did have about 50mm of travel, but as any modern rider knows, that’s not enough.

Well, we have good news. Harley-Davidson just dropped the new Serial 1 SWITCH/MTN electric hardtail mountain bike with front suspension. It’s still not full suspension, mind you, but the “SR Suntour ZERON35 BOOST AIR suspension fork” comes in 130, 140, or 150mm of travel.

Harley-Davidson Serial 1 e-bike
Serial 1

That’s not all, either. Like many expected from the first e-MTB, the Switch comes complete with a TranzX dropper seat post. Other specs include a 90 Nm mid-drive motor with high clearance to go over rocks and tree stumps on the trail and a proprietary in-frame 529 Wh removable battery.

Serial 1 says the SWITCH/MTN is ready for adventure, stating its “extremely off-road capable, SWITCH/MTN has the performance to satisfy an expert rider, but careful attention to fit and fine details ensure that our latest eMTB is just as accessible and accommodating for riders who are just beginning their off-road adventure too.”

The large battery and Brose S Mag motor can deliver speeds upwards of 20MPH (throttle-controlled) or faster while you pedal and between 30-95 miles of range, depending on usage. You’ll also enjoy an SRAM Eagle drivetrain, knobby and grippy Michelin off-road tires, easy-to-tune air suspension up front, along with hydraulic disc brakes and LED lights on the front and rear.

Harley-Davidson’s new Switch e-MTB is available in Wasatch Green or Uinta Gray, comes in four sizes, and costs $4,499 when it starts shipping this August.

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