Have fun in the kitchen with ‘Cooking Mama: Cuisine!’ on Apple Arcade

Master the kitchen with 'Cooking Mama: Cuisine!' on Apple Arcade
Match ingredients to recipes and start cooking in Cooking Mama: Cuisine!
Screenshot: Office Create/Apple Arcade

Check your ingredients then choose a recipie and get cooking in Cooking Mama: Cuisine!. Try your hand in the kitchen with this new game.

The offering launched Friday on Apple Arcade.

Chop, bake, stew and more in Cooking Mama: Cuisine!

In the new game, players experience cooking via fun mini games. The challenge is to find recipes that match available ingredients and tools. Players start cooking when they find a combination that works.

In Cooking Mama: Cuisine!, the ingredients and cooking tools change every day, so you can make a different dish each day of the week. Plus, new ingredients and dishes will be added through game updates.

Over time, players build a recipe book with ingredient combinations and finished dishes. And they collect cooking points by completing dishes to get new designs for Mama’s outfit and accessories.

Now cooking on Apple Arcade

Cooking Mama: Cuisine! by Office Create is ready to download now in Apple Arcade section of the App Store. There are versions for iPhone, Mac, iPad and Apple TV. No matter the platform, an external game controller is an option.

If this sounds like fun. Apple’s gaming service also includes MasterChef: Let’s Cook, which challenges players to go on a virtual cooking show and demonstrate their skills. And there are dozen more tips to choose from.

Any of these can be enjoyed with a single $4.99-a-month subscription to Apple Arcade. And a family can share a subscription. Players can be assured that there are zero in-app purchases, ads or loot boxes.

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