Here’s another Google Pixel 4 XL leak, this time confirming the design and camera layout

I think it’s pretty safe to say that Google won’t be doing much to keep the Pixel 4 from leaking all the time. We’ve already seen a ton of info about the device, and if it’s anything like the Pixel 3, we’ll know everything months before the announcement. Honestly, it kind of seems like we’re already at that point, even though we haven’t seen an early unboxing video yet.

But anyways, the latest leaked render of the Pixel 4 XL clues us in to what the front and back of the device will look like.

On the front of the device you’ll find two selfie cameras, but no notch. It looks like Google wasn’t any happier with the big goofy forehead of the Pixel 3 XL than we were, so they’re sticking with a regular bezel on the top and bottom. That top bezel does hold two selfie cameras, which might also be used for some more advanced facial recognition. The bottom bezel is pretty small, too, which is just more aesthetically pleasing.

Around the back of the device you’ll see a triple camera module with an LED flash, but the whole thing also seems to point in Google dropping the two-tone finish of the Pixel line. That’s a little disappointing considering it was one of the only unique design points of Google’s phones, but now the Pixel 4 will blend in with other similar devices. The colored power button makes a return, however.

The leak doesn’t seem to have a fingerprint scanner anywhere, so Google will either be adopting an in-display scanner, or they’re going all in facial recognition like Apple.

In that triple camera module we’re expecting a regular lens and a telephoto lens, but the third sensor is still up for debate. Time-of-flight sensors are all the rage now, and they’re beneficial for augmented reality, so that might be the direction Google goes in.

If you’re curious about other ports on the device, there’s still a USB-C charging port surrounded by stereo speakers (no more front-facing speakers!) and there’s still no headphone jack. You’ll have to keep your Pixel 3a for that one.

Aside from the phone’s physical design, we’re expecting powerful specs for the Pixel 4 under the hood. A Snapdragon 855 CPU, 6GB of RAM, hopefully 128GB of internal storage, and Android Q should all make for a pretty fast phone, and it’ll no doubt have one of the most competitive cameras on the market again.

Google typically holds launch events in October, so we should be seeing this device become official in just a few months.

source: Pricebaba

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