Here’s how to fix your LG phone on T-Mobile if it’s experiencing the “LG IMS” bug

    LG announced its departure from the mobile smartphone industry in 2021 but it’s still got a ton of handsets being used on US carriers, ranging from the LG Wing to the LG Stylo 6 and everything in-between. If you are using an LG phone on T-Mobile you may have come across the “LG IMS has stopped” bug which crashes your handset and basically makes it unusable. While LG and T-Mobile are working on fixing the issue, one intrepid Redditor has posted a fix that appears to be working on some affected phones, and we’ve got the steps for you to follow.

    First discovered by The T-Mo Report on Reddit, the “LG IMS has stopped” notification began appearing on LG phones earlier today. The notification is persistent, which means that despite closing it, it reappears repeatedly and quickly enough to stop the user from performing any actions such as making phone calls, sending texts, or accessing messaging apps.

    What is “IMS”?

    IMS is short for “IP Multimedia and voice Service” and it enables voice (VoLTE and WiFi) and data communications on LTE networks. It’s something that the end-user shouldn’t ever need to know about, but sadly the bug means that it’s come to the fore.

    How to fix it?

    Luckily, a Redditor has posted the following steps on how to potentially fix the “LG IMS” issue, and we’ve included them for your perusal below:

    1. Toggle Airplane Mode on your LG device
    2. Open up Settings
    3. Head over to Apps & Notifications and click on App info
    4. Click the 3 dot menu in the top right corner and tap on Show System
    5. Tap on com.lge/ims.rcsprovider in the list
    6. Depending on the version of Android, you may be able to Clear Cache, Clear Storage/Data/, and finally, click on Force Stop. If those options aren’t showing, click on Storage Information to do so
    7. It may be that you have to perform the previous step more than once in order to fix the issue, remembering to follow the directions in a single process. If the error message pops up while you are attempting to clear the cache/data or click on force stop, you’ll need to restart Step 6.

    If the fix still doesn’t stick but you still need to access your phone to use WhatsApp and other apps via WiFi, you’ll need to either remove the SIM card or keep Airplane mode enabled and toggle WiFi connectivity on so you can still access the internet.

    Hopefully, it won’t be too long until LG and T-Mobile come up with a fix on their end.

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