Hidden Folks+ is coming to Apple Arcade soon

    Hidden Folks+, an updated version of the original 2017 App Store Game of the Year, is coming to Apple Arcade soon. The game will be playable on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and even Apple TV when it does land — although no official date for release has been given. Apple tells me it will be “soon” so expect it to arrive in a matter of weeks if past releases are any indication.

    Hidden Folks+ will see gamers try to find characters in hand-drawn landscapes that are just gorgeous to look at.

    We reviewed Hidden Folks back in 2017 and were quite taken by it!

    Hidden Folks is an amazingly crafted puzzle game that strives for simplicity and succeeds with flying colors.

    Finding everything on each level is quite the challenge and Hidden folks will make you flex your brainpower to figure out certain hints that accompany each findable person or object.

    The Hidden Folks+ release will be free and completely clear of in-app purchases and ads. You will of course need an Apple Arcade subscription priced at $4.99 per month, however. Apple Arcade is also part of the Apple One subscription bundle, too.

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    Game on!

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