Honor MagicBook 14 2022 laptop review

The 2022 iteration of the MagicBook 14 packs some superb hardware and is a significant upgrade on the Honor MagicBook 14 2021 on all fronts. Better processor, faster storage subsystem, a bigger battery and a normal webcam. 

Some of previous criticisms still remain: the device is still not available in the US where it doesn’t suffer the fate of Huawei, it doesn’t have a card reader and despite being an Intel-based product, doesn’t feature Thunderbolt technology. We’re also puzzled by the presence of an RTX2050 rather than a newer RTX3050. 

As a business laptop, it has a minimalist design and while it doesn’t have any salient corporate features (no Windows 11 Pro, no vPro), it does have a fingerprint reader and a great battery life which makes it perfect for out-and-about business meetings.  

Honor MagicBook 14 2022 front view

Honor MagicBook 14 2022 front view (Image credit: Future)

Honor MagicBook 14 2022: Price and availability

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