How do I protect my Facebook account from hacking?

If you are a tech enthusiast who wants to know how to hack Facebook and messenger, then this article is meant for you. People can hack Facebook for various reasons, some including monitoring the activities on those accounts. Let us have a look at how you can hack someone’s Facebook and messenger

Hacking Facebook using social engineering

That is one of the easiest and reliable ways that you can use to hack someone’s Facebook account. This method involves manipulating people to give you the information that you require to access their Facebook accounts without their knowledge

All you need is to follow the following steps.

Find the starter window

The starter window containing the forgot password would help you to get started. Facebook usually serves this window to those users who have forgotten their passwords. Therefore, navigate to find your account section where you will be required to provide your phone number or email address.

Fill the information to identify the account

In this step, you are required to enter the required information that includes the phone number and the email. So if you have the phone number come the details. A Dropbox that requires you to select how you wish to receive the rest password code will appear. Select receive via text option and proceed to the next step.

Meet the victim

At this point, all you need is to meet the victim. So hat you can get the password reset code that was sent by Facebook. Get the phone of the victim and memorize the code to ensure you delete it so that the victim might not suspect anything. That is the most challenging step that requires you to be very vigilant. You can use their device while charging it in places such as canteens without the victim suspecting anything.

Reset the password

After receiving the code, you will enter it and reset the password to grant you access to the account. By doing this, you will have hacked the Facebook account.

Alternatively, you can also fake a call and pretend you are a tech support team from Facebook. Inform the victim that there are some problems with their accounts, and you need to fix it up. Ask for their particulars, and you are all done. Depending on the method that you use, you need to ensure that you are convincing enough so that the victim might not suspect any hacking activities.

How to hack someone’s account using keylogging software

Keyloggers are one of the most popular tools that have been rated as the best spying told, like using a spy free keylogger Snoopza. Parents and employers can use them to monitor the activities of their children and employees, respectively. Additionally, this free keylogger  Snoopza will require you to create an online account where you can access it using your device. Afterward, you should proceed and install it in the target device to allow you to gain access to their tools without notice once you have fixed most of the keyloggers have stealth mode will make it hard for the victim to notice it because it doesn’t appear on the app list.

Now you can retrieve someone’s account data from the keylogger app Snoopza because you will have access to Facebook passwords and other features such as visited networks, incoming and outgoing calls, location, social media platforms.

Therefore, you can choose to use the Facebook password, log in, and change the password so that you can get control of the Facebook account. Alternatively, you can also monitor Facebook activities remotely, which makes it easy for you.

The most important thing is to ensure you use reliable keylogging software. If you want better results, I would suggest that you use a premium keylogger because it offers advanced features that allow you to have seamless hacking activities.

How to hack someone’s password using victim history

Hacking someone’s Facebook is possible using the victims’ history. Most people login sessions are captured in their past from the device that they are using. Usually, most people don’t want to keep on logging every other time they want to access their Facebook accounts. Therefore, you can access the login credentials by just using the previous login sessions. You will be directed to a particular Facebook account. This usually occurs in public facilities like cyber cafes or the library computers. Additionally, if you can get hold of the victim’s device, then that is the easiest way to hack Facebook.

How to hacks someone’s Facebook using free online tools

Technology has made most of the strings possible, including hacking someone’s Facebook account. Well, there are free online hacking tools that you can use to hack Facebook account. These hacking tools are software that can help you in your hacking endeavors. Therefore, you can use free online tools like which is a window remote administration tool that supports lots of activities, including spying on other people’s activities.

 This free online hacking tools can help you accomplish your task. The catch is that you need to ensure the user installs it in their device. So what do you do? You can send the installation package as a link, and once they click on it, then it is installed without their notice so that you can get hold of the device activities is including the Facebook account.

Alternatively, if you can get hold of the victims’ device, then it will be more straightforward. All you need is to download the software and install it on the device, and you are ready to hack the Facebook account easily.


Hacking Facebook, among other social media platforms, is familiar nowadays because people want to access other people’s information without their notice. Therefore, there has been frequent claims on hacked Facebook accounts. Once a Facebook account is hacked, you can change the password and get full control of the report by changing passwords. However, hacking is considered as a malicious activity that is not permitted by the law.

However, the methods that I have provided in this article are the most reliable ways that you can use to hack someone’s Facebook account. Therefore, when hacking someone’s Facebook account, I would prefer the use of keylogger Snoopza or online hacking tools because you will not be noticed easily that you have hacked the account. If it is possible to use reliable software that also guarantees your safety by hiding your identity.