How to choose the best wand in Hogwarts Legacy

A special part of every magical student’s life is getting their very own wand and this is something that you’ll do near the start of Hogwarts Legacy. After some opening cutscenes and preliminary quests, you’ll be tasked with going to Ollivanders to acquire this magical instrument. Here you’ll be able to choose your Wand Style, Wood Type, and Wand Core. There are plenty of options to allow you to make a truly unique wand or to create a similar wand to your favorite Harry Potter characters’ wands. 

The best wand in Hogwarts Legacy

(Image credit: Windows Central)

While choosing your wand is a special experience in Hogwarts Legacy, none of the choices available to you will make your wand stronger than any other. This is simply a fun part of the game that allows you to customize your instrument. So you can have fun choosing the elements you like until you make the one you like best.

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