How to get goal explosions in Rocket League

Scoring a goal in Rocket League already feels great, especially with seconds left to go. But there are ways to make it even more awesome – and the best way is a customization choice called goal explosions. These add alternative goal graphics that explode inside the goal when you score.

There are many goal explosions, and you can probably find one that fits you perfectly. That includes various colors and styles of explosions, stylized flourishes or shapes, and even recognizable brand objects like Hot Wheels, the Batmobile, and more. Here’s how you can collect goal explosions, and what to do if there’s a specific goal explosion you have your eye on.

Collect goal explosion Blueprints

Rocket League once offered crates for wins and other achievements in the game, which offered randomized items when opened with keys. This system was replaced several years ago by the similar Blueprint system, which awards Blueprints that allow you to see what the item is instead of keeping it hidden.

Step 1: Win Blueprints. You can often buy them if you want, but winning Blueprints is a more affordable way to gather them. Blueprints are not guaranteed to be goal explosions – they can be all sorts of customization options. But play long enough, and you are sure to collect a few goal explosion Blueprints to work with.

Rocket League Batman Goal Explosion.

Step 2: Spend credits to unlock the goal explosion Blueprint. You can’t really get credits for free, unfortunately. You either need to pay for them directly in the Item Store, buy item packs and see if they include credits, or earn credits through the Pass (a bit more on this below). If you are especially active, you can purchase 500 credits and unlock the ability to trade with other players, where you can exchange high-value Blueprints you have for credits – this option is the least expensive if you plan on unlocking as many goal explosions as possible and don’t mind working for it.

A blueprint in Rocket League.

Step 3: If you find you enjoy trading, you can also try to trade Blueprints you have for the Blueprints of goal explosions you want. That’s leaving a lot up to chance, as you have to find a player with goal explosion Blueprints who also wants Blueprints that you have, but it is an option.

Rocket League Pass Tiers.

Make your way through a Rocket Pass

Rocket Passes are league passes that you can purchase that award you for playing over a certain amount of time. If you’ve bought league or season passes in other games, you’ll be very familiar with how this works.

You can purchase a Rocket Pass for 1,000 credits, which is around $10 or so if you’re buying them from the store. If you have lots of money to spend and want to skip some steps, you can get a Bundle that automatically unlocks the first 12 tiers for twice as many credits.

As you play the game while the Pass is active, you’ll unlock tiers via wins and other ways of gathering experiences. Unlocking tiers will give you a variety of locked-in items, so you can see exactly what you are getting and what tier you need to reach to get it. Take a look at the current Pass, and see if there are any goal explosions in it that you like – It may be worth it to buy the Pass if you plan on playing a lot. Goal explosions found in Passes are often limited-time customizations that are difficult to get elsewhere.

Rocket League Store items.

Buy credits and keep your eye on the Item Shop

Finally, you can turn to the Item Shop, where you can purchase customizations directly with your credits. The Item Shop always has a couple of featured items that stay up all day and daily items that rotate throughout the day. This includes wheels, boosts, decals, and, yes, goal explosions that you can buy. Prices can vary, and some goal explosions can be very expensive (and cool).

The trick is that goal explosions are not guaranteed to show up in the Item Shop, and you can’t control which are slated to appear. That means the best way to buy them is to check the Item Shop constantly to see which goal explosions appear. That’s a time investment not everyone will want to commit to. Of course, you could also find an avid Rocket League friend who checks the Shop constantly anyway and who will be happy to tell you if any explosions are in stock.

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