How to Remove Hair: The Top 8 Hair Removal Procedure


Unsightly hair growth is nothing new, nor is removing unwanted hair. Razor shaving has been around since long before the colonists in the United Kingdom set forth to conquer the world. Yet, these days you have more than one option. Unsightly hair is subjective. Each to their own tastes, but if you do not enjoy underarm hair, overgrown eyebrows, leg hair, and other forms of bodily hair, then you have eight methods by which you may remove said hair.

1. Shaving

What Is Shaving?

With the use of a razor or very sharp implement, hair is cut from the body. It is more desirable to have the hair cut so short that the feel of the person’s skin crests over the hair, creating the illusion of touchably soft skin. Dry shaving is possible, but wet shaving causes less irritation to the skin.

Top Facts

Shaving is one of the few provable convergent human traits from around the world. Groups of people who had never met throughout history were known to shave. This also proves that we have convergent instincts in that people must instinctively prefer no hair on certain parts of the body, otherwise why would civilizations that have never met see fit to shave such areas?

How Long Does It Take?

Depending on the body part, you are never looking at more than an hour. Shaving is a very quick process, and when professionals are engaged in the process, it takes even less time. It is easily possible to nip in during your lunch break and have a full manscaping or womanscaping and still have time to finish your tuna sandwich.

How To Prepare For Shaving?

Shower the day or night before. The cleaner you are, the easier it is to get a full and successful shave.

How Much Does It Cost?

You can buy a razor, shaving cream, gel, a shaving brush, a safety razor or an electric razor very cheaply. You can get a women or mens shaving machine kit for a low cost. Or you can visit a suitable place and enjoy wet shaving for a low price.

Pros And Cons

It is cheap, very effective, and you can easily do it yourself. However, your hair grows back pretty quickly, and if you do it incorrectly, then you may get a short-lived barber’s rash.

2. Laser Hair Removal

What Is Laser Hair Removal?

Lasers are used to denature your hair follicles, making them unable to grow hairs. As a result, the skin is a little scarred, but is otherwise unable to grow hairs. A laser hair removal in NYC service is very safe.

Top Facts

Laser hair removal was discovered by accident by a group trying to eliminate scars from pig skin. A Scottish woman successfully sued a laser treatment facility after they damaged the tattoos she had instead of eyebrows. Is the hair removal permanent? Yes, though it can also be used for permanent hair reduction.

How Long Does It Take?

The process itself takes around an hour but make a space of around two hours for things like preparation and waiting times. Only a small amount of preparation needs to be done to prepare the area for laser treatment. The time it takes depends on your skin pigment, and which parts of your face or body you want treating.

How To Prepare For Laser Hair Removal

The area should be shaved no sooner than 24 hours before treatment so that the area is able to heal. Shower before arriving, and make sure there is no trace of lotions or perfumes near the area before the procedure.

How Much Does It Cost

This is a mid-range treatment, so you are looking at prices between fifty dollars and two hundred dollars. As you can imagine, it costs more if there is more area to cover. If you have a dark hair color and lighter skin tones, then this hair removal laser treatment is a bargain.

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Pros And Cons

On the plus side, you will never have to shave that area again. This also means that the process is irreversible, so think hard before having it done somewhere prominent like your eyebrows. Also, the area does scar, and even though the scars fade over the years, there is still a notable difference when you touch the area. The intense pulsed light technology used for laser hair removal treatment is not pain free, but the laser light doesn’t burn or cause extreme discomfort.

3. Plucking Hair

What Is Plucking Hair

Simply take tweezers or a suitable tool and pull hair from the affected area. Larger areas such as the leg are not suitable for tweezing, but places like the ears, eyebrows and nose are perfect for tweezing.

Top Facts

Hairs that are plucked do not come back weaker. The hairs and roots are pulled up completely. What return are new hairs with new roots, and they are easier to pull out and less painful to pull out because they are less established in the skin since they are brand new.

How Long Does It Take

Plucking is something that can be done within the hour. A seasoned professional can sculpt eyebrows to a high standard in less than an hour.

How To Prepare For Plucking Hair

Let the hair grow out a little. Plucking is much more difficult if there is very little hair to grab on to. Otherwise, keep the area clean and perhaps even comb the area if it is especially bushy.

How Much Does It Cost

Getting a few hairs removed, such as plucking eyebrows and/or facial hair and/or having your upper lip plucked or the chin hair women have plucked will not cost you much money. It is a low-cost procedure.

Pros And Cons

The hair takes far longer to grow back than if you shave the hair. This is especially good for things like eyebrows and nose hair where repeated tending is frustrating. On the downside, it is painful, tricky, and requires some skill if you also wish to sculpt the eyebrows. It is the most painful with toe hair and nose hair.

4.  Depilatories

What Is Depilation

Depilatory Creams are sometimes known as a hair removal cream or as chemical depilatories. Over the counter versions are safe to use at home. None are able to remove hair, but some weaken hair so it falls out, others make hair brittle so it falls off, and others bleach hair so it is not as visible to the naked eye.

Top Facts

In order for a hair to be known as a hair removal cream, it needs only damage five hairs within a centimeter squared. This means that the legal definition of hair removal cream, or depilatory creams is very loose, which is why so many creams are legally sold despite being very ineffective. On the other hand, stronger creams often have nastier side effects such as skin problems and even allergic reactions.

How Long Does It Take

The different types of chemical cream products will have their own timelines, but in most cases, the longer you leave the stuff on, the better, with the exception of bleaching cream.

How To Prepare For Depilation

Make sure your skin is clean. Also, test the cream on somewhere unimportant before applying to places like your face. If you have a nasty reaction in your test area, then you avoid catastrophe by simply not using the cream.

How Much Does It Cost

Costs range from very cheap to running into the hundreds. Yet, there is no method that works perfectly. Creams are simply used by some people because alternatives like plucking or waxing are not preferable to them.

Pros And Cons

Most of the creams you find will do very little to remove hair or lower the amount of hair you have. Finding a good product that suits you is very difficult. However, some people feel that applying a cream to areas of the skin is preferable to the other methods of hair removal listed on this article.

5. Waxing

What Is Waxing Hair Removal

With the use of wax depilatories and/or hot wax, a thin layer of wax is placed on the skin and strips are applied to the skin. The wax hardens around the hairs, grabbing them and pulling them off when the strips are removed.

Top Facts

Due to poor quality supplies, or people applying red hot wax to the face, accident and emergency departments see tens of waxing related injuries per year. If you scar yourself by using wax that is too hot, finding people who can help to repair the scarring is almost impossible.

How Long Does It Take

If you are at home and you have a wax machine, it will take around two hours. If you are at a salon, it will take about an hour. The application of the wax is what takes the longest as you have to be very careful as you go.

How To Prepare For Waxing

Make sure you use good-quality wax strips and/or a good-quality waxing kit or the results can be very unpleasant. Make sure the area is clean and there are no lotions or oils on your skin that may affect the waxing process.

How Much Does It Cost

Waxing hair removal in salons is still a low-cost procedure. Top rated salons may charge a lot more, but in essence this is a low cost hair removal method for both at home and in Salons.

Pros And Cons

Apply warm water after the procedure, and the pain passes. The more you have it done, the less it hurts. However, as you are probably aware, waxing is painful, especially the first time, it is also messy and may go wrong.

6. Sugaring

What Is Sugaring?

This is a natural hair removal method that will work for some people but not others. A sugary paste is applied to the hairs, it hardens, and it then removed with strips in a similar method to waxing body hair.

Top Facts

There is no protected term for the sugaring paste that people use when they are sugaring hair. This means anybody can come up with their own recipe and market it as a hair sugaring formula.

How Long Does It Take?

Sugaring for hair removal takes about the same amount of time as waxing, if possibly a little less time because the sugary paste needs less preparation. Try to budget about an hour and a half if you are doing your legs.

How To Prepare For Sugaring Hair Removal

Let your hair grow because the natural ingredients do a better job if they have a larger surface area to grab onto when they are pulling hair. The area needs to be clean and oil free.

How Much Does It Cost

This is a low-priced method for removing hair. Even in a salon, it doesn’t often cost a lot of money to perform a hair sugaring.

Pros And Cons

It is just as painful as waxing, but your skin recovers a little quicker from the redness. However, it is not nearly as effective as a good hot wax stripping, though it is easier to do at home than waxing.

7. Electrolysis

What Is Electrolysis Hair Removal?

Using chemical heat, the growth center of your hair follicles are destroyed, and the damaged hair follicles are removed. Is Electrolysis hair removal permanent? Yes, though it often takes several treatments before hair stops growing completely.

Top Facts

The American medical association has done more to prosecute people using dirty electrolysis equipment than it has for people using dirty tattoo equipment. When the electrical current method was first used, people thought it would grow hair rather than remove it (which led to cartoons where people have lots of frizzy hair when they are electrocuted).

How Long Does It Take

Hair electrolysis takes hours and is done over several treatments. It takes longer for most men because they have more hair than most women.

How To Prepare For Electrolysis Hair Removal

Do not use lotions or perfumes on the area for around a week, and make sure you are nice and clean before you go. Do not tan the area and inform any employees of any skin trouble you have in that area or near that area.

How Much Does It Cost

This treatment is in the mid-to-high price range. This is because it takes a lot of work and several treatments.

Pros And Cons

There is very little scarring left over after the treatment, though the area feels weird for a few years. On the downside, this is more expensive, takes far longer that laser removal, and it hurts when you get in the bath until it has healed.

8. Medications And Unwanted Hair

There is a medication called Spironolactone that is said to reduce hair growth and facial hair, but when it is applied to some areas, such as the head, then it may cause skin irritation for sensitive skin and may even increase hair growth.

Cream Vaniqa helps starve hair follicles, making each hair follicle grow less prominently and fall out. They may be good for people who do not like ingrown hairs and/or who want to make their bikini line less prominent. Consult the instructions for information on which body parts you can use this cream on because mucus producing areas, such as the nostrils will suffer damage from these types of creams.