How to Set up Your Child’s Smartphone With Qustodio Parental Control


Keeping tabs on your kids can be a bit of challenge in today’s high-tech age; even if you’re able to keep up with their regular daily activities, monitoring their habits online is a totally different battle and the ubiquity of internet-connected smartphones doesn’t make this any easier. Yet the problems that technology presents are ones that tech can also solve, and the ready availability of great parental control software like Qustodio gives parents a much-needed leg up. With free options, and monthly pricing options under $5, Qustodio is a great option for any worried parent on a budget.

Qustodio works on Windows, Android, Mac OS, iOS, and Kindle devices, so no matter what sort of hardware you and your family members use, you’ve got multi-device coverage. It remains one of our favorite parental control apps due in particular to its simplicity: The easy-to-use Qustodio app is intuitive and uncomplicated, and its no-nonsense interface is accessible from your computer as well as your mobile device. So if you’re looking for a simple solution to protect your kids and provide you with peace of mind, this suite of parental controls is a great way to do so. Whether your child has an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, or tablet device, this software can be a real lifesaver.

How Does Qustodio Work?

Comparable to popular parental control platforms like Apple Screen Time, Google Family Link, and YouTube Kids, Qustodio was made with both children and parents in mind. Healthy online habits start with healthy parenting, and with the right software, it’s easier than ever to support both of those practices.

Despite its simplicity, Qustodio offers a full range of monitoring capabilities. Parents can see their kids’ internet use (such as social media activity), call history, and text message/SMS logs. The software also lets you monitor screen time, set time limits, block apps and websites from being accessed, and restrict time spent on certain games or other services. Location tracking even shows you where a particular mobile device has been recently, and filtering technology automatically blocks inappropriate content to keep your home network clean and safe. With so many features, you can really take control of what your child can and can’t do with their smartphone.

Qustodio’s parental controls are easily customizable as well. This is an important consideration for families with children in different age groups, as it allows a parent to set up custom control parameters for various devices based on the user’s age: For instance, an older child might be trusted with more screen time later in the day, when you might consider keeping a young child off of social media websites altogether. This customization allows for a certain level of parental control that allows the adults to keep minor tabs on teenagers without completely invading their privacy.

How much does Qustodio Cost?

Qustodio is actually a free product, but if you want to upgrade to the premium version, it’s still pretty afffordable. The premium suite of Qustodio parental controls costs only $55 for a year-long subscription (less than $5 per month), and this family plan covers up to five devices simultaneously – that means you can set up Qustodio monitoring on several different computers, iPads, Android devices, and other connected gadgets your family uses.  If you decide you really like the control and peace of mind the basic version offers, you can easily upgrade your subscriptions to the affordable $55 plan.

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