How to Update Apps on Your Amazon Fire TV Stick

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When you update your official and sideloaded apps on your Amazon Fire TV Stick, you get access to the latest features and bug fixes for those apps. It’s easy to update both kinds of apps, and we’ll show you how.

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Update Official Apps on an Amazon Fire TV Stick

An official app is the one that you’ve downloaded and installed from the Amazon Appstore on your Fire TV Stick. To update these apps, you basically select an update on the app page and the app updates itself.

To do that, on your Fire TV Stick’s remote, press and hold down the Home button. In the menu that opens, choose “Apps.” If the remote isn’t working, there are ways to fix it.

Select "Apps."

On the “Your Apps & Games” page, highlight (but don’t open) the app you want to update. Then, on your remote, press the Menu button (three horizontal lines).

Highlight an app.

You’ll see a menu to the right of your screen. Here, select “More Info.”

Choose "More Info" from the menu.

Your app’s Appstore page will launch. Here, select “Update” to begin updating the app. If you don’t see this option, and you only see “Open,” your app version is already up to date.

Select "Update."

When the Fire TV Stick finishes installing the update, you’ll have the most recent version of the app. And you’re all set.

Update the Sideloaded Apps on Amazon Fire TV Stick

Since the sideloaded apps aren’t installed from the official Amazon Appstore, you’ll have to manually download their latest versions and install them on your Fire TV Stick.

To do that, head to our guide on how to sideload apps after jailbreaking your Amazon Fire TV Stick. In the guide, where you specify the link to download an app, enter the link to the latest version of the app. Then install that app on your Stick.

That will get you the most recent version of your chosen app on your Fire TV Stick.

Bonus Tip: Enable Automatic Updates for Fire TV Stick’s Official Apps

For the apps that you install from the Amazon Appstore, you can enable automatic updates so those apps update on their own without your interaction.

If you’d like to activate that option, then first, choose “Settings” (a gear icon) from your Fire TV Stick’s home screen.

In settings, select “Applications.”

Choose "Applications."

Choose “Appstore.”

Select "Appstore."

Select “Automatic Updates.”

Choose "Automatic Updates."

Beneath “Automatic Updates,” you now see “On,” which indicates that the feature has been enabled.

"Automatic Updates" enabled.

And that’s it. From now on, your Fire TV Stick will automatically check for and install the available updates for all your official apps. Enjoy!

While you’re at it, update your Amazon Fire TV Stick as well so you have the latest features and bug patches.

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